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Info and smiles passed out daily at iBox

September 7, 2010

iBox (a conjunction of "information" and "Box Office") is located right across from Sweet Sinsations, a coffee and smoothie shop, and the food court on LSC's busy main floor. Some 15,000 students and community members visit the student center each weekday to eat, shop, hang out, study, and seek information

Alex Adams, an undergraduate zoology major and staff member at iBox, says that people often come up and ask for the nearest place to find coffee and food. He then directs their attention behind them. Adams is good-natured and helpful when people approach with questions. Much like class, there are no stupid questions at iBox, although some can be humorous.

Burning questions researched and answered


The breadth and depth of quality academics offered at Colorado State was one factor students noted in their positive feedback.

Jim Taggart, Box Office manager and undergraduate creative writing major, says that someone once asked him if the CSU ram’s wool is fire resistant. It turns out that the CSU ram – our venerable mascot – is a Rambouillet ram, and yes, Rambouillet wool is naturally fire resistant. If staff at iBox don’t have an answer right away, they’ll keep searching until they find it.

Some of the more surprising questions come from parents worried about their kids who are away at college for the first time. Taggart recalls a mother who called and asked how she would know that her son, an incoming undergraduate student, was getting enough to eat. The answer? Many food options are available on campus and in Fort Collins. The unspoken answer? If a son or daughter is hungry, they’ll figure out how to find food, guaranteed.

Mult-tasking on the fly

Although fielding the same questions again and again is part of the job, iBox staff members keep busy with other work such as managing the Curfman Gallery, shipping and receiving material, organizing flea markets for local businesses and student organizations, Box Office ticketing for movies and presentations, fielding lost-and-found stuff for the entire campus, and event planning for activities large and small.

Bethel Nathan, program coordinator in the Office of Campus Activities, notes the busiest times of day are between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Nathan says there are no typical days at iBox, and all of her employees agree. Some questions people ask can be unusual, though, making the work week at iBox (the LSC is open seven days per week) unpredictable and enjoyable.

Inquiries directed to offices across campus

iBox on myCSU

October 2009

Taggart and Kaila Francis, personnel director and undergraduate major in Spanish, mention a question that has become popular lore with the staff: Where can I donate my body to the science department? As it turns out, the man who asked the question was serious. Adams remembers another call from a parent complaining that his son had not been offered a scholarship from CSU yet. The man thought the University had made some kind of mistake. His son, apparently, deserved a scholarship, but the information booth wasn’t the best place to make such a declaration. Another parent inquired about the stalking department because her daughter was being stalked. Since there is no stalking department on campus, the woman was immediately directed to CSU’s police department.

Keeping it fun, keeping it real

iBox staff members aren’t lacking in the funnybone department. When asked about her recent promotion to personnel manager and what the new job entails, Francis says, “I’m in charge of punishment and scheduling.”

“So you’re a people person,” Adams replies.

They both share a laugh. The rapport between them and the other members of the staff is evident. “If you catch us on the right day,” Adams says, “we’ll be dancing in the back.”

Although staff members at iBox know how to have fun, Nathan says they are very hard workers, and one of her favorite aspects of managing iBox staff members is watching them grow and develop into student leaders.

There is no lack of school spirit among iBox staff members, either. Walk by the information desk on any given Friday, and iBox employees will be dressed in green and gold, singing the CSU fight song. Go Rams – Rambouillet and otherwise!

By Shane Jones, graduate student in creative writing. Originally published in the  Fall 2010 Colorado State Magazine.

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