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Ancient cities viewed from the sky

September 5, 2013

Two Department of Anthropology professors will speak on Thursday evening, Sept. 12, about the discoveries they've made using new remote sensing techniques in searching for lost cities which for centuries have hidden in remote jungles or inaccessible terrain.

Chris Fisher, assistant professor of anthropology, conducting research in Mexico.

Thursday, September 12
6-8 p.m.
Behavioral Sciences, Room 103

Forgotten cities

Colorado State University researchers and explorers Christopher Fisher, Ph.D., and Stephen Leisz, Ph.D., will share their discoveries about long-forgotten civilizations in a talk titled, "Archaeology from the sky: Using LiDAR and other remote sensing data to better understand ancient cities."

The talk takes place on Thursday, Sept. 12, 6 p.m. in the Behavioral Sciences Building, Room 103. 

Discoveries in Mexico, Honduras

In their research, Fisher and Leisz use aircraft packed with laser technology that is advancing the field of archaeology.

Drawing on examples of their work from Mexico and Honduras, Fisher and Leisz will discuss how new applications of remote sensing, such as LiDAR, are revolutionizing the field of archaeology. LiDAR is a light detection and ranging technology that measures distance using reflected light.

Recording and preserving the heritage

Partnering with local companies, non-profit organizations, and international agencies, Fisher and Leisz are developing innovative ways to record and preserve the local and cultural heritage in areas long left unexplored due to the dense forests and complicated terrain of the areas where the sites are located.

Stephen Leisz, assistant professor of geography, has conducted research in pre-Hispanic, Central Mexico using LiDAR technology..What the technology can do

Fisher and Leisz's presentation will illustrate:

  • what the remote sensing technologies are,
  • how they 're used,
  • what has recently been learned from the application of these technologies, and
  • the technologies’ future potential.

Controversy over funding

Fisher and Leisz will also discuss controversies regarding the funding of such exploration.

Join us on September 12

Join us on Thursday, September 12 at 6 p.m. in Behavioral Sciences, Rm. 103 for this exciting event. Please contact Jaime King to RSVP and for more information at

Contact: Jaime King
Phone: (970) 690-4581