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Ask Cam

Launching a career

May 6, 2009


What would be your advice for a 10-year-old girl who wants to go to your college and be a veterinarian someday?? (Her room is everything CSU! She even has a stuffed Cam the Ram mascot toy!) She’s gone to one open house and wishes to go to more!

Cam’s answer:

Wow! I’m thrilled to hear about a future CSU student who’s considering our veterinary program – and who fills her room with all things CSU!

To help out this terrific 10-year-old, I talked with Ann Bowen, the pre-veterinary advisor at the Center for Advising and Student Achievement. She told me:

I’m so happy to hear that we have another CSU fan who has attended the wonderful Veterinary Medical Open House. Veterinary students work hard to provide information, hands-on activities, and animal experience to interested individuals.

It’s important for any student who wants to be a veterinarian to work hard and do well in school – especially in math and science classes. It’s also helpful to get some animal contact experience, including spending some time with a veterinarian. Sometimes you cannot work with a veterinarian until you are 18 due to liability issues, but it never hurts to ask!

Once you’re in 10th grade, you might also be interested in a summer program here at CSU called Summer Vet. It’s a wonderful, week-long program for students who are interested in veterinary medicine.

If you have specific questions about veterinary school, my new friend, feel free to contact Ann at And if you happen to be visiting campus with your family, stop by the Center for Advising and Student Achievement in Room 140 Tilt Building. (It’s the former Music Building at 801 Oval Drive.) Appointments can be made by calling (970) 491-7095.

Best of luck to you!

Cam the Ram