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Research environments that promote best practices

May 26, 2009

This one day workshop is an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and administrators to develop a vision for our research environment at CSU.

"Building a Research Environment at CSU that Promotes Best Practices: A 'Responsible Conduct of Research' Workshop"

Tuesday, June 9
8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Fort Collins Hilton
425 W. Prospect 

What is responsible conduct in research?

Responsible conduct in research been defined as:

"... simply good citizenship applied to professional life. Researchers who report their work honestly, accurately, efficiently, and objectively are on the right road when it comes to responsible conduct."

(Office of Research Integrity, Secretary of Health and Human Services) 

CSU workshop looks at RCR training

The Research Integrity and Compliance Review Office at Colorado State is hosting a one day workshop that will explore these questions: 

  • “What are best practices for CSU scientists and scholars?”
  • “What should RCR training at CSU consist of?”
  • “How do we deliver it to best empower our trainees to be successful and productive throughout their career?”

This one day workshop is an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and administrators to develop a vision for our research environment at CSU. You are invited and encouraged to join in this discussion!

The day will include several work sessions focused on the who, what, where and why of RCR training at CSU in an “ideal” scenario. Can we find a shared vision and a consensus for a path to it? 

Please RSVP

Attendance is free. RSVP online at  or call (970) 491-1553. Lunch will be provided. 

Discussion of training opportunities & preparation for careers

Working groups will discuss how we can promote responsible conduct of research  and integrate training opportunities on campus. This event will assist CSU in preparing for federal (NSF, NIH) mandates on RCR training, and examine how we can help prepare trainees for careers in globalized science and scholarship. 

Keynote speaker Kenneth Pimple

A morning keynote address by Kenneth Pimple, Ph.D., director of Teaching Research Ethics Programs, Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions, Indiana University, is titled, “A Best-Case Scenario for University Research.” 

(At right: Kenneth Pimple)

Afternoon discussion

Topics include: 

  • Cultural differences in RCR training
  • Integrating academic RCR with “business ethics” training at CSU 
  • Conflicts of Interest 
  • Meeting federal mandates for RCR training: what are they and how do we do it? 
  • Teaching misconduct with real case studies
  • The value of press releases for misconduct cases
  • Vertical integration of RCR training
  • What RCR programs feel like to senior faculty
  • The perception of “overregulation” at CSU: Is it true & how do we overcome this 
  • Training for human subjects, animal subjects, biohazards, & radiation safety committees

All undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral trainees, faculty, staff and administration are encouraged to participate.

Contact: Molly Gutilla
Phone: (970) 491-1553