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Big ditch project - update

February 13, 2012

Update to the original January posting: If you haven't wandered past the Big Ditch project west of the Morgan Library, take a peek. Construction work is proceeding apace, with huge culvert pipes being jockeyed into place and soon to be buried.

Hey Cammie:

The other day I was biking by the parking lot between the library and the health center and noticed some trees that run along the ditch were cut down… what gives?

Cam's answer:

How observant of you! I can’t even tell you how many memories I have grazing along Arthur Ditch right near those beautifully large trees!

Like you, I’ve been wondering the same thing. So to answer your question, I hopped back on over to Facilities to speak with Fred Haberecht, the assistant director of Landscape and Planning.

“The trees were removed as part of a project underway to expand the library lot by 150 spaces," Fred told me. "The first step in that process is the placement of the current ditch in a pipe, with that work to be completed by April 1. Next summer the lot will be expanded. There were several species of trees removed, most notably some large blue spruce.” 

Fred also said that a bunch of new trees will be planted to replace the ones cut down.

So there you have it! A little give and take, but at least we’ll be planting more trees in the future. Now I better get back to grazing so I can stock up before the students get back…

Hope your holidays were great,

Cam the Ram