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Student says CSU 'met his personal profile'

March 2, 2010
By Rommel McClaney

Marshall Snead, now a senior civil engineering student, says that back when he applied to CSU, it stood out beyond all the other schools. He is now very involved with CSU and is an ambassador for the engineering department.

CSU community stood out

Marshall Snead is a senior civil engineering student from Breckenridge.

Just south of Fort Collins and west of Denver is Breckenridge, Colo. Marshall Snead had practically lived his whole life in the 'beautiful' ski town before graduating from Summit High School in 2007.

"During my college selection I knew I was going to a school in Colorado and I find construction and structures fascinating, so civil engineering was the perfect choice as a career path." Therefore, Snead applied to the typical Colorado engineering schools:

After visiting all three schools and their towns Snead realized that CSU meet his 'personal profile.' Fort Collins is a large city but it still maintains a small-town feel. Marshall, being from a small town like Breckenridge, said that Fort Collins felt more like home and didn't feel like a huge change. He is also an active person so all the recreation and outdoor activities that Fort Collins and CSU offers helped win him over.

"The large, land grant campus of CSU also appealed to me. I felt almost claustrophobic or confined on Boulder's and Mine's campuses."

Marshall, an ambassador for the College of Engineering, gives tours of CSU and the Engineering Building to prospective students.

Difficult but fulfilling

"I guess I was always going to become an engineer. I never really pictured myself doing anything else," said Snead, whose strongest subjects are math and science. "My mom even says I have the engineering 'knack'."

Marshall's dad is a general contractor so he has always been around construction. "I find construction and structures fascinating so Civil Engineering was the perfect choice as a career path at CSU."

Without a doubt, engineering is a difficult program but Marshall says it is very fulfilling. Marshall is rarely in a class where he is not interested or challenged.

"All my classes are meaningful and I am always learning. Engineering is one of the broadest fields so it is easy to find a type or field of engineering that you are interested and passionate about. The engineering field is constantly changing so you will always be challenged, will never get bored, and will always have new problems to solve."

"With engineering you can do anything you want to with your life."

Around the CSU community

When not in classes, Marshall likes to get people together to play soccer, football, or ultimate on the IM fields or basketball on one of the many courts around campus. One of Marshall's favorite things to do at CSU is to go to the football games.

"It's a fun and cheap way to fill in Saturdays during the fall. Going to the CSU vs. CU game this last year and rushing Folsom field after the Rams won is one of my greatest college memories."

When around the Fort Collins area, Marshall and his group of friends love to play frisbee golf over by the Epic Recreation Center.

"The best thing to do in Fort Collins during the summer is to grab an inner tube and float down the Poudre River on a sunny day. In the winter on a snowy day, it is always fun to get a group together to have a snowball fight or play snow football. My favorite thing to do in Colorado though, hands down, is skiing. I love to Nordic and downhill ski and will do it for the rest of my life."

Sharing his experiences

As an ambassador for the College of Engineering, Marshall speaks with prospective and incoming students.

"I answer questions and share my experiences of CSU and engineering. The job is very interesting because every student I work with is unique and has completely different questions and concerns about college."

During his college search the student ambassadors at CSU were very helpful and made his college decision a lot easier. Marshall looks to provide the same assistance to the prospective and incoming students he works with.