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Get your CSU eIdentity

May 28, 2009

Every CSU student and employee must have an eID. Colorado State University's Electronic Identity (eID) system facilitates a simplified and secure form of authentication and authorization across multiple university electronic systems and services.

New to the University?

New students, faculty and staff needs an eID. Register for your eID now.

The process is simple: first we will ask a few identification questions, then you will pick a password and other details, and your eID will be created.

Already have your eID?

Need to change something? Visit eIdentity and choose one of the action items under Modify your eID. You will be asked to log in with your existing eID.

Different services are available depending on whether you are a faculty member or a student. Some services that require an eID:

  • Free e-mail
  • Free CSU Holly, Simla or Lamar computer account
  • RamCT for online Courses
  • Dialup services for Modem access
  • Calendar (Exchange) accounts (faculty and staff only)
  • Free personal web pages
  • VPN
  • Access to the RamPoint Portal and RamWeb
  • Access to some computer labs on campus
  • Access to personal HR data via CAP
  • Access to secure portal

Questions? ACNS can help.

Contact: Computing Help Desk
Phone: (970) 491-7276