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Ask Cam

Befuddled about puddles

August 17, 2010


"Do you know what they are going to do with the water accumulating east of the brand new Behavioral Sciences Building just south of the C-wing of the Clark Building? It isn't draining and seems like it would invite those nasty mosquitos."

Cam’s response:

Mosquitoes! Those little winged-annoyances best stay off my hide. A fine question, though, and my friends at Facilities provided me this answer:

The pond in question does in fact drain, but not as fast, or as completely as more traditional detention ponds on campus. It is designed to take site and roof water from the Behavioral Science Building, and clean it up before discharging it into the storm sewer. Underneath the pond proper is essentially a giant sock filled with gravel through which storm water is filtered. Water discharged into the storm sewer after passing through the filter is relatively clear.

Other “puddles” around the east side of the building are the result of irrigation water applied to establish native grasses. Once the grasses are established the irrigation will be cut back and the puddles should disappear.

The answers always filter out!