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Payroll is Going Green!

May 8, 2009

Human Resources and Information Systems now provide all campus employees the ability to review their personal information as it is recorded in the university HR System. This includes pay advices.

Effective in June, pay advices will no longer be printed and distributed.

Employee Self Service Web Application

Campus Administrative Portal (CAP)

Colorado State University recently introduced its CSU Employee Self Service Web Application which enables employees password protected and highly secured access to personal and work related information collected and maintained in the University’s Personnel/Payroll System. Not only does this now enable access to view (and, in the future, to update) pertinent information, but it furthers the University’s commitment to “green” its operations.

Direct employee view access allows for communication of important work related information such as the bi-weekly or monthly Pay Advice electronically rather than in printed form thus reducing the equipment, paper, ink, transportation, handling, etc., associated with distributing printed advices.

Further, allowing for certain data to be updated directly by the affected employee enhances the integrity of that information by eliminating the intermediary step of having the data entered by a departmental designee or payroll technician.

Additional CAP instructions

Reduction in paper, expense, and environmental impact

Admittedly, much of the information maintained in the Personnel/Payroll System is highly sensitive. However, all of the data we collect including social security number, bank routing and account information, home contact information, ethnicity codes, disability status, etc. are necessary to allow the University to process pay and to meet its internal management and federal and state data processing and reporting requirements.

Further, much of the sensitive information maintained on employees is not available to departments at all, such as personal bank routing and account information, tax withholding elections, and benefit enrollment and dependent information. 

Online access becoming common

Certainly, Colorado State University is not alone in its move to direct Web access with the corresponding reduction in paper, expense, and environmental impact. The University of Colorado, University of Northern Colorado, Colorado School of Mines and the University of Denver all have introduced various levels of employee self service Web applications with CU and UNC displaying robust applications.

While the self service functionality is currently restricted to "view only," the capability to update information such as address and phone numbers, bank accounts, educational levels, withholding elections, etc. is expected to be available by late summer or early fall.


Employees with questions or concerns relating to the self-service Web application are encouraged to contact the appropriate resource listed below:

General information: Carolee Davis, Human Resources Services, (970) 491-0946 or e-mail


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