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Meet the MyCSU bloggers

December 6, 2011

With a new semester kicking into gear, it's no surprise that the MyCSU bloggers are on top of it. Get to know your MyCSU bloggers and keep up to date with student life!

Each year, MyCSU features students who blog about their experiences at Colorado State University. While some seem to be a little more seasoned at it, such as long-time CSU blogger Shelby, others, like Kelly and X, are just beginning their CSU blogging career. 

Scripting ShelbyX, Shelby, and Kelly enjoy sharing their CSU experiences through the MyCSU blog.

Shelby is from Poncha Springs, Colo., and is a sophomore English Education major. For her, this internship provided a great way to write and spread the word about CSU- an experience, she claims, that is entirely what you make of it.

Shelby starts off each post in her blog with a song of the day, which often carries the theme surrounding that blog particular post. "I like to blog, because I'm quite opinionated, talkative and very bossy. So here's a way for me to offer advice and talk about myself without getting the eye rolls," joked Shelby.

In addition to the two novels she's written and her third in the works," Shelby considers herself an artist and a ski bum that loves the snow.

She also claims to have a lot of quirks within her personality. "I'm a Trekkie, a huge procrastinator, named my car Charlie, am super competitive, and secretly love science- just not being tested on it." 

Epilogues By Kelly

Kelly grew up in Westminster, Colo., and is a sophomore majoring in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine. She's in the Honors program as well as the Pre-OT Club at CSU.

For Kelly, writing seems to come naturally. With MyCSU being her third blog, it’s not surprising that she would be able to share her experiences, mishaps and incorporate humor intuitively. 

“I think blogging is the new interface; you really have to put yourself out there and be confident in yourself as a person and know that people are reading what you have to say,” said Kelly. “You have to be yourself, let people glimpse into your life without even knowing them. It’s incredibly frightening and exhilarating at the same time.”

But writing isn’t all that occupies her time. Kelly also claims to be an avid dancer and swimmer in addition to her blogging fascination. In fact, according to her blog, she's a vegetarian that never stops eating animal crackers, has been a ballerina since she was three, and loves owls and Harry Potter. And her newest obsession? Frozen grapes.

X'perienceX, Shelby, and Kelly

X was born and raised in Denver and is a junior Human Development and Family Studies major. Currently, he seems to have gained a lot of experience working his three CSU jobs:

  • MyCSU blogger
  • Office of Admissions Front Desk Assistant
  • Campus Activities Marketing Designer

For X, the main theme behind his blog is sharing experiences and making them applicable to his audience. “Blogging allows me to share my thoughts and perspective in a non-formal way, which to an extent makes writing more enjoyable,” he said. “I hope to communicate to my audience just how much of their interest I have in mind and the potential they have to achieve great things in college.”

According to his blog, he considers himself a butterfly of the social variety, a frequent longboarder, random dancer, child-at-heart, a Mario Kart Wii MASTER, and Swag-Superstar of the century. X claims to be “infectiously positive” and “unusual in the coolest way possible,” which becomes apparent when reading his blog.

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