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Awards / Honors

Exceptional service in spite of challenges

May 15, 2014

Facilities Management Moby Custodial Teams 8A & 8P were recognized for their perseverance in taking care of multiple facilities and meeting or exceeding expectations, in spite of staff shortages, shortages of community-service workers, and injuries.

From left to right: Tom Zino, Paul Christianson, Dustin Goodyear, Ben Duran, Yann Hofmann, Maria Gonzalez, Dee Castaneda, Sharon Hayes, Joy Dean.

Look who's outstanding!

In April, the CSU Employee Appreciation Board recognized the Facilities Management Moby Custodial Teams 8A & 8P for their hard work and dedication to CSU. 

The teams were treated to an ice cream social and a raffle for prizes from the CSU Bookstore.

More than just Moby

This group not only takes care of Moby Arena, but also Hughes Stadium, Aylesworth Hall, Green Hall, Rockwell Hall, the Early Childhood Center and Scott Bioengineering each day. 

Employees stepped up and met the challenges of staff shortages, lack of student assistance, shortages of community-service workers and injuries while meeting the high level of expectations set by the athletics department.

Thank you Custodial Teams 8A and 8P, for helping make CSU a fantastic place to work!

One of the raffle prizes at the April Employee Appreciation Board event  -- a CSU tote bag.Chosen for recognition

The Moby Custodial teams are broken up into a day shift and a night shift.

The day shift includes:

  • Sharon Hayes (supervisor)
  • Brittany Barraza
  • Dee A. Castaneda
  • Joy Dean
  • Francisco Esteban
  • Angela Guzman
  • Frinee Oqueli
  • Pho Le
  • Denise Preuit
  • Virginia Rodriquez

The night shift includes:

  • Tom Zino (supervisor)
  • Paul Christianson
  • Ben Duran
  • Maria Gonzalez
  • Dustin Goodyear
  • Justin Hill
  • Yann Hofmann
  • William “Jr.” Horton
  • Claude Jaillet
  • Fernando Repizo
  • Rick Turkalj

Your Employee Appreciation Board

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