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Resources for Disabled Students given new ride from President's Office

May 3, 2010

President Tony Frank on April 30 officially handed the keys to the President's office golf cart over to the Office of Resources for Disabled Students, who will make the cart available to students with permanent or temporary disabilities who need assistance getting around campus.

Wasn't being used on a daily basis

During a small ceremony April 30, President Tony Frank handed the keys of the golf cart to Rosemary Kreston, director of Resources for Disabled Students, ASCSU VP Tim Hole, and ASCSU President Dan Gearhart.

ASCU President Dan Gearhart and ASCSU Vice President Tim Hole wrote to President Frank asking that he donate the President’s Office golf cart. The cart was purchased in 2008 for primary use by the RamTracks tour program (which was then run out of the President’s Office). However, the cart was not used on a daily basis.

Keys handed-off

In a small ceremony on the steps of the Administration Building, President Frank handed the keys to Rosemary Kreston, director of Resources for Disabled Students, Gearhart, and Hole.

RamTracks will borrow it as needed for occasional tours and major campus events.

Resource for Disabled Students

Since 1977, Resources for Disabled Students, or RDS, has helped facilitate the educational pursuits of students who have disabilities by coordinating a variety of services. These services support the unique academic needs of permanently and temporarily disabled students.

As one of the Student Diversity Programs and Services offices on campus, RDS also works to ensure policies, procedures, and practices within the university environment do not discriminate against students because they have a disability.

RDS has the authority to verify and confirm the eligibility of students with disabilities for the majority of accommodations on campus. While some accommodations may be provided by other departments, a student is not automatically eligible for those accommodations unless his/her disability can be verified and the need for the accommodation confirmed, either through RDS or through acceptable means defined by the particular department (e.g. Parking Services).

Opportunity to be successful

Faculty and staff may consult with RDS whenever there is doubt as to the appropriateness of an accommodative request by a student with a disability.

The goal of RDS is to normalize disabilty as part of the culture of diversity on campus. The characteristic of having a disability simply provides the basis of the support that is available to students. The goal is to ensure students with disabilities have the opportunity to be as successful as they have the capability to be.

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Phone: (970) 491-5507