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Legacy never graduates

March 1, 2009

When I arrived in Fort Collins to visit Colorado State in 1971, immediately stories were told of their athletic legends and legacies. Since then I have been a part of the athletic program in one capacity or another. When asked recently by the CSU Varsity Athletic Club to write for this web site, I reflected on all my experiences and involvement, especially now that I sit on committees that determine Hall of Fame candidates.

Jim Williams and Fum McGraw'What happened to those guys?'

As I span those years of athletes especially from the 1960's and 70's I frequently wonder, "What happen to those guys?" It seemed, prior to the arrival of Fum McGraw as athletic director, those that competed for CSU came and did their job and left. Especially from my generation of the 1970's, CSU had many great athletes and performances. The legacy of sacrifice and dedication, hard work, commitment to excellence were as true then as they are with today's athletes, maybe even more so when compared to today.

There is no doubt athletes today are bigger and faster and have better training conditions than athletes from CSU's past. The science and technology and equipment, the nutrition and diet, even the surfaces that they compete on have all improved to what we see today.

But the efforts, the marks, the records, the ability to maximize performances with limited resources by the athletes of the past are still amazing to recount and consider, compared to the current standards and records of achievements today. Colorado State has a national reputation to get the most out of limited and fixed resources. Site leadership, coaching, and types of athletes we had here, it adds up to our legacy.

Fum McGraw

Fum McGraw for all his personal achievements left another legacy at CSU as athletic director. Fum wanted to show appreciation to those that came and left and did their job in athletics and graduated from Colorado State. Since his time, my experiences with athletic directors at CSU are like a revolving door position, to further advancement in the athletic world. But make one thing certain in my observations, those who held the position of athletic director, continued on with improving outreach programs to ensure that on their watch, the athletes that compete at CSU would be recognized and appreciated and would graduate. That legacy and long shadow of Fum has continued and enriched this aspect of the athletic department. Thus, under Paul Kowalczyk, the Varsity Athletic Club, and the Hall of Fame Committee, want to extend to you our appreciation for what you have contributed here at Colorado State and we do not want you to forget that or be lost in the legacy that makes up this university.

Leaving a legacy

The young men and women who were instrumental in their sacrifices and achievements left their mark at Colorado State regardless of the decade. It is not enough that they came and served and left. They left their legacy of accomplishing so much with so little and they need to be recognized and appreciated.

A former coaching friend of mine from Minnesota shared with me his cliché for his program and it is applicable for us here at CSU. Tradition never graduates. At CSU, legacy never graduates. On behalf of the Varsity Athletic Club and Hall of Fame committee, we want to acknowledge your contribution to Colorado State Athletic program and this university, and especially we want to thank you. Please be aware of the new programs and outreach that are annually in existence to connect with you, for you are part of our legacy, part of our family, and legacy never graduates.

Bob Parry was a former track athlete at CSU and served as an asst coach at CSU for 18 years in addition to being a secondary HS teacher/coach, he is a member of CSU's Hall of Fame and serves on their athletic committees.

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