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New student semester payment plans

July 21, 2011

Business and Financial Services in cooperation with Student Financial Services and Associated Students of Colorado State University have developed a payment plan for semesters starting with Fall 2011 that combines maximum flexibility with minimal cost and billing simplicity.

One dollar billStarting on July 20, the student billing system will begin estimating and posting charges to student accounts. Information about any anticipated aid that a student may receive based upon his or her current enrollment, housing and dining costs and other related selections also will be included.  At any time after July 20 and on a schedule that works best for each individual student, payments may be made on the student’s account. 

Simple billing remains

The simplicity of the billing statements will stay intact, recording only actual charges and credits as the semester progresses. Students are encouraged to pay their account in full by the mid-September due date. However, the university will allow payments on a student’s account before that time. If a student needs additional time beyond mid-September, the university will apply a 1.5 percent payment deferral charge each month to their account until the balance is paid in full.

This flexible arrangement allows for payments to span a period of time without incurring payment deferral charges; this is a change from the single due date of last year. If more time is needed to pay the balance in full, the payment period can be expanded as needed by the student without the burden of entering into any special arrangements. Outstanding balances remaining within the student’s account beginning on Sept. 10 (Feb. 10 for the spring semester) and each month thereafter on the 10th will be subject to the 1.5 percent payment deferral charge. When planning for each semester, students do need to keep in mind that they will be precluded from registering for the following semester if an outstanding balance remains on their account.  

Flexible pay schedule available to fit student needs

Students may pay daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or in any combination and create their own payment plan. When making payments, we highly encourage using electronic forms of payment. Electronic payments are easily accessible online through RAMweb and for parents through the link at

In summary, students need to remember only three dates:

- 1 - start payments any time after July 20;

- 2 - pay in full by the Sept. 10 due date to avoid paying deferral fees, and;

- 3 - have all payments completed prior to registration for the following semester.

Contact: Trish Torres
E-mail: Trish.Torrez@ColoState.Edu
Phone: 970-491-6661