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Arne Magnus Lecture

April 19, 2012

Pascal Chossat is a professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Nice, France. He is an author, researcher, and leader in his field.

Pascal Chossat, Ph.D., will discuss the high degree of symmetry and patterns in nature and the underlying mathematics.

Wednesday, April 25
4-5 p.m.
Computer Science Building
Room 130

Pascal Chossat, Ph.D., Director of the Research Department of Mathematics at the University of Nice, France, is the 2012 Arne Magnus lecturer. The topic of his lecture is, "The mathematics of pattern formation."

Also, please join Chossat and the Department of Mathematics for a reception following his lecture in Room 130 in the Computer Science building.

Dry lake beds and zebra coats

The coat of a zebra is striped, while the coat of a leopard is spotted. The cougar has uniformly colored fur. Honey bees build incredibly regular hexagonal cells. Hexagon-like patterns often appear on the beds of dried lakes. What's behind all this?

Chossat will lecture about the mathematics which model the formation of regular patterns seen in the natural world. "Simple patterns are extremely common also in inanimate matter," Chossat says. "Think of the regular patterns in crystals like the cubic symmetry of salt for example, or the hexagon-like patterns which can be formed on the bed of dried lakes. The common denominator of these examples is the underlying mathematics, which model the formation of regular patterns."

About the lecture series

The Arne Magnus Lectures are given annually in the Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University in honor of Arne Magnus, Ph.D., our friend and colleague for 25 years. The 2011 lectures are supported by the Arne Magnus Lecture Fund and the Albert C. Yates Endowment in Mathematics. All lectures are free and open to the public.

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