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Ask Cam

Oval construction

September 18, 2012

Yo, Cam

What’s up with the sidewalk construction in the middle of the Oval?

Cam's answer


I almost sprained a hoof over the weekend when riding my scooter down the Oval sidewalk, so I know about that spot. I did some investigative reporting and got the scoop:

Workers are piecing together a tribute called the “CSU Donor Walk” to honor our top donors and celebrate the end to our successful fundraising Campaign for CSU. Did you know we raised $540 million for academics, scholarships, and buildings on campus?!

Everyone who has donated $1 million or more to CSU gets an engraved stone in the middle of the Oval – a fitting tribute to our most passionate supporters. New stones will be added every year.

Following a dedication ceremony Friday, the sidewalk will once again be open for skateboards and bikes. I plan to cruise through there as soon as possible on my scooter and check out the names of the folks who make me proud to be the CSU Ram!

If you want to learn more about the campaign and what these awesome gifts have done for our students and campus, check out

Cam the Ram