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Student Financial Aid Consumer Information

September 23, 2009

Student Financial Services is providing you this information which includes the location of information you may find helpful while you are attending Colorado State University.

Most of the information is available in either the University catalog or on the University’s website.

• Catalogs are available at the University Bookstore or at

• If you are a financial aid recipient, “Your Financial Aid Guide” information booklet for 2009-2010 is available on our website (, select Forms and Publications, Publications for 2009-2010 and Your Financial Aid Guide 2009-2010). This information booklet contains general financial aid information that we publish each year. If you would like a paper copy of any of this information, or if you have any further questions, contact Student Financial Services.

1. Type of information: Your rights under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – Buckley Amendment)

Information included: The rights students have regarding their educational records

Information location: Colorado State University catalog; (select Policies and Guiding Principles, and scroll down to Students’ Rights Regarding Their Educational Records)

2. Type of information: Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL)/Direct Loan deferments for Peace Corps or volunteer service

Information included: Deferments available for service in Peace Corps, Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973, community service for tax-exempt organizations

Information location: (search for Peace Corps Deferment)

3. Type of information: Information regarding financial assistance

Information included: Description of all financial aid programs available through Colorado State University, rights and responsibilities of students receiving aid, how aid is paid, employment information, and loan repayment information

Information location: “Your Financial Aid Guide”; (select Forms and Publications, Publications for 2009-2010 and Your Financial Aid Guide 2009-2010)

4. Type of information: Colorado State University general information

Information included: Information related to tuition/fees and other costs, withdrawal from the University, refund policy, current degree programs and faculty/staff, facilities, accrediting agencies, study abroad, etc.

Information location: Colorado State University catalog;, Financial Services, Degree Programs, University Facilities, and International Programs.

5. Type of information: Colorado State University security policies and crime statistics

Information included: Annual security report/safety information

Information location:

6. Type of information: Completion/graduation rate of students

Information included: The completion/graduation rates at Colorado State University

Information location: (select Degrees, Graduation and Retention, and then Degrees Conferred)

7. Type of information: Ceased attendance policy

Information included: If the student does not officially withdraw from the University and receives all “F”, “U”, and/or “W” grades, the student will be required to verify the last date of attendance and the student may be required to return 50% of the financial aid received.

Information location: (select Financial Aid Policies, and Satisfactory Academic Progress)

Contact: Student Financial Services
Phone: (970) 491-6321