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Course prerequisite enforcement

November 30, 2010

This is an important notice about a change in some of the procedures that implement Colorado State University's registration policies.

The University registration process allows students to use courses for which they are currently enrolled to satisfy prerequisite requirements in the registration process for future terms. At the conclusion of a term there are always some students who have not completed those in-progress courses with a grade that meets the prerequisite requirement for a course in their next term’s schedule.

New policy begins soon

Beginning in late December for the spring 2011 term, students who haven’t successfully completed a prerequisite requirement will be dropped from any courses that have that prerequisite requirement. Students will be notified by the Registrar’s Office when this drop action is taken and their course registration for the spring term is changed.

We want to make sure all students are fully aware of this change before it takes effect. The prerequisite requirements for the courses you plan to take next term are all listed in the University Class Schedule that is accessible in RAMweb. Grades of incomplete or “I” do not satisfy prerequisites.

Speak with your advisor

If there is a significant possibility that you will not complete a course (with the required grade) that is a prerequisite for a course you are registered to take next semester, it is critical that you consult with your advisor and have an agreed-upon “Plan B” in place prior to the end of this semester. While there will be almost a week between the date that e-mails notifying students of any failed prerequisites will be sent (December 28th) and the day students who have not met course prerequisites will be dropped from those courses (January 4th), it is highly unlikely that you will be able to consult with an advisor during this period. Therefore, it will be essential that you and your advisor have an alternative plan in place prior to semester’s end.

Encouraging academic success and fairness

Enforcing prerequisites promotes students’ academic success. It also is simply not fair to have students who have met a prerequisite unable to register for a course because it is full while students without the prerequisite are able to take it.

We understand that changes in the procedures that are used to implement policies can be unsettling and create inconveniences. We hope this notification gives you time to consider what contingency plans you may need to have in place.