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CSU Ram marches to the beat

May 20, 2009

The CSU Marching Band was recognized as one of the top bands this year during the College Band Directors National Association Conference. What is it like being apart of the band that received national honor?

First there, and last to leave

William Ostendorf is a junior music education major. Ostendorf has been a member of the CSU Marching Band’s trombone section since 2006 and will continue until his graduation day.

Next year, he will take on the position of senior assistant, which will include leading a pep band during pre-game performances to put the fire into CSU fans.

“Being in the band is like having a class with over 200 of your closest friends. We spend long hours together practicing and performing. We are also required at every home game and several other games and events throughout the season. We arrive at the stadium long before the football players do - about five to six hours before kickoff to practice on the field at Hughes Stadium and we are usually some of the last ones at the stadium after the game is over,” says Ostendorf.

National recognition

CSU Marching Band was selected at the 2009 College Band Directors National Association Conference, or CBDNA, as one of the top bands in the country. Only five bands were chosen for the honor.

Steven Moore, director of band, submitted a video of the band’s Vegas performance to CBDNA. The season was over when members of the Marching Band received congratulatory e-mails from their director.

“For many of the students in the band the announcement came as a surprise, as most of the band was unaware that we were even being considered for such an honor! It certainly feels good to be recognized for an outstanding season, but for me and much of the band, recognition is not why we put in the hundreds of hours every season. We are out there to entertain the crowd and show what the CSU band is made of. We get the feeling of accomplishment when all 250 members are out there giving it their all. We get our thrills when thousands of fans are cheering us on. We get to be apart of what makes CSU such a fantastic university,” says Ostendorf.

Inspired by the CSU band

As a child, Ostendorf was inspired by the CSU band when he attended football and basketball games.

“I remember watching the band perform during half time, and I knew even then that it was something that I wanted to do. The CSU band made the trombone my instrument of choice after watching the amazing Trombone Suicides, which is a long tradition at CSU. When it came time to start my college career, I knew I needed to be apart of the band. The band has helped me to feel apart of CSU and the great traditions we hold. I am very proud to be a CSU Ram!” Ostendorf says.

Life outside of band

Ostendorf spend hours upon hours practicing numerous movements and endless memorization of music every week. It’s no surprise that even outside of band he is involved in more musical activities, including: the CSU opera program, CSU concert choir, the basketball pep band, and working as a camp counselor at an outdoor adventure camp for kids for the past two summers.

After graduation, Ostendorf would like to teach junior high or high school choir or band.

“Being a part of something like the band has given me something to be proud of at Colorado State University. It has helped build my confidence, my character, and reaffirmed why becoming a music educator is so important to me,” says Ostendorf.

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