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Working at CSU

The news has eyes

June 9, 2009

A news junkie confesses to using online services to feed his need for higher education issues, trends, and discussions. Flee while you still can.

My name is Paul, and I’m a news junkie. I’ll admit it, I receive e-mails almost every day to feed my habit. I can’t help it. It’s out of my control. Or so I’ve been told.

I watch every morning for the posting from Academic Impressions, then scroll feverishly through headlines like “Bleak State Budgets through 2011,” “An Exercise in Buying Time,” “College Students Help Connect the Vatican to Internet 2.0,” and “Misericordia U: Kissing Paper Goodbye.”

I know I should get help, but then I keep scrolling until I find some story on a campus prank that went awry. I read it, blasted thing, then read the snarky letters sent in about the story. I’m caught in an unending loop of so-called news – rabid, legitimate, marginal – you name it.

I used to think I could stop any time. It’s free, I told myself. And I’m not hurting anybody. But then a friend – at least, I used to call her a friend – said, “Try Chronicle of Higher Ed.”

I tried it. Some stuff was free, then I was hooked into paying for a subscription to see the rest of a “premium article,” as they called it. The good stuff, oh yeah. So I payed. And I’m still paying.

But then, somebody else said, “Hey! Try Inside Higher Ed! Go on, you’ll really like it.”

OMG. There it all is: News. Viewpoints. Career advice. Blogs. Reader comments. Glittering ads.

Just let me open up one more posting, then I’ll quit, I swear.

Paul Miller, editor of Colorado State Magazine, swears most normal people won’t turn into news junkies if they use online services only in moderation.