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School and sports for the Kubiak brothers

October 1, 2009
By Anh Ha

What's better than going to CSU? How about going with your brother? Klint and Klay Kubiak are both Colorado natives and attending CSU as they show their green and gold on the Rams' football team.

Why CSU?

Brothers Klint (left), a senior, and Klay (right), a junior, are proud CSU Rams.

Klint Kubiak, senior, came to CSU in 2005 to pursue a degree in restaurant and resort management. Klay Kubiak, a junior English major, followed his brother two years later in 2007.

“My main reason for coming to CSU was because of Coach Lubick and Coach Mick Delaney. They recruited me and sold me on the university. I still keep in contact with them today and continue to look up to them as role models of character and perseverance,” says Klint.

For Klay, his love for the city of Fort Collins and all the positive things Klint had to say about CSU kept him near.

“I absolutely love the town and the campus. I also choose to come here because of the reputation of the football program and the tradition of success at CSU,” says Klay.

School and sports

Going to school full-time and being a student-athlete can be challenging, but the Kubiaks are all about time management and stay on top of their game.

“Free time is at a minimal, but I feel the busier I stay, the more productive I am. You make sacrifices in order to be successful in both areas, but the end result of a diploma and bowl wins is well worth the fight,” says Klint.

In sports, players are often held accountable for themselves and their teammates, but as a student, accountability in the classroom is a one man deal.

“There are no coaches to push you. The main thing I try to do is set aside a certain amount of time per week where I am in the library or the academic center. You have to find a routine each semester so that you a make a habit of finding time for school,” says Klay. “I also do not bring any school work home with me. If I bring it home I will always find an excuse or distraction to not devote my full attention to school work.”

Big brother

CU wide receiver Scotty McKnight (21) has the ball knocked away by CSU cornerback Klint Kubiak (20) on Sept. 6. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Klint, 22, is older than Klay, 20; however, the big brother factor is not a concern for either brother. At times, they both look for each other for advice and guidance and age plays a very minimal role in their relationship.

“[Klint] may say differently, but I believe that we are both to the point where neither of us see each other as one’s older or younger brother. He will always be my older brother, but we tend to look out for one another and are sort of past the ‘big brother, little brother’ stage,” says Klay.

Klint adds, “We live together and get along pretty well. I think Klay is a stubborn guy who would never claim the little brother role. I have lots of respect for him and am extremely envious of his mental capabilities.”

Football, grad school, marriage

Klint came to CSU with plans to work in the resort business after he finished school. His plans now include continuing his football career and possibly coaching. Next summer, Klint will be marrying his girlfriend of three years, Tessa Nelson, a volleyball player for CSU.

Klay still has two years of school left, however, his current post-graduation plans includes attending graduate school for either law or film. As for football, Klay hopes that he will be able to continue to play and one day coach his own football team.