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Ask Cam

Scholarship for a little lamb

April 15, 2009


hi im a freshmen in highschool and i would like to know if this university offers any programs or scholarships for meterology??? i'd really would like to know. when u have time could u contact me as soon as possible thank you sincerely, freshie

Cams' response:

Well Freshie,

CSU has a world-renown Department of Atmospheric Science within the College of Engineering.

Indeed, CSU offers a wide variety of scholarships for freshmen, transfer students, graduate students, etc. Scholarships outside of CSU are available, too. Do some research in these areas and I am sure you will find something applicable to your interests.

I’d love to see you on campus in four years, but I first I want you to work really hard on your sentence mechanics and punctuation. And learn how to spell “meteorology.” Sorry to go all college on you about your writing style, but that’s the way we scribe at a University.

Study the way of the Ram, little lamb ...

Cam the Wise