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Dennis Febo lecture

March 22, 2011

Audiences describe Dennis Febo as 'genuine,' 'engaging,' and 'extraordinary.' 'He delivered a powerful message in a very humble manner, and I think that was what I appreciated most,' said a student who attended one of his workshops.

Dennis Febo is a public speaker and artist who speaks on the topics of race, ethnicity, the mind, identity, and social consciousness.Monday, March 26
6-7:30 p.m.
Clark Building, Room A-201

"Our current education system does not nurture our self-understanding through our own histories, much less any history that has to do with victory through struggle," Dennis Febo, CEO of Guazabara Insights says.  

Febo will speak at Colorado State in connection with Cesar Chavez Day 2012.

Guazabara Insights encourages a vision for ourselves and our communities that is guided by this idea: "We have the ability to create ourselves as we go along." The organization provides education about social consciousness and community.

I enjoyed the Afro-Latino Connection workshop because it added to my reason to continue promoting unity among populations of underprivileged backgrounds... Mr. Febo amazed me with his knowledge and the facts that he presented.

It was amazing to me to be a part of a long discussion in our organization meeting following this workshop. If you can inspire an hour-long discussion simply on one of your statements during a workshop, then you know you have done your job as an educator. Continue sending such a positive message!

~ Mayra Granados, President, La Raza, Colorado State University

In the workshop at CSU, Febo will take the audience through the history of the Americas in terms of movements and revolutions from which people came together for a cause, and were successful through organization and self-discipline.

This workshop is designed to bring the inner activist out of us, and teach practices that allow us to bring our community together. 

Contact: Richard Salas
Phone: (970) 491-0590