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Grad students celebrate Mother's Day by supporting safe births for mothers in India

May 10, 2010

Celebrated every year, Mother's Day is an occasion when we express our love and respect for moms around the world. Every mother is a cherished gift and the day she gives birth is one of the most joyful days of her life.

Yet nearly half of the world’s mothers lack access to basic maternal health needs during delivery. Sadly, the United Nations estimates that every minute a mother dies due to complications with childbirth, and an overwhelming majority of these deaths occur in developing countries as a result of infections caused by unsterile birth environments.

But there is hope. The World Health Organization reports that the use of simple, disposable delivery kits helps reduce the risk of infection and achieve a clean, safe delivery. So, CSU Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MSBA graduate students Zubaida Bai and Kellen McMartin founded AYZH (pronounced “eyes”), a company  improving women’s health and livelihood. And they developed their first product, the JANMA clean birth kit, a $5 solution addressing the global need to give mothers in developing countries access to a clean and safe delivery. Their first market for impact is southern India, in which JANMA has already saved the lives of 450 mothers and counting.

Give the gift of life this in honor of Mother’s Day this year! AYZH is seeking your help to support mothers who lack access to a safe birth environment in India. The goal is to reach 35,000 women this year. This is your opportunity to purchase a JANMA birth kit and invest in the life of a new mom. For every kit sold through this campaign, another mother in India will secure a safe birth for her and her child.

Mail in your investment! (Highly encouraged as online processing fees reduce the amount of funds we can translate to lives saved.)

Please make checks payable to AYZH, and send to:

New Economy Venture Accelerator
Attn: AYZH
College of Business
Colorado State University
1270 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1270

“Our international management team is passionate about and experienced in making the lives of poor women better through technology and entrepreneurship,” said AYZH chief executive officer and founder Zubaida Bai, a mechanical engineer from India with more than four years experience designing and commercializing appropriate technologies for rural consumers.

“Our journey began in 2008 while in the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MSBA program at Colorado State University,” said AYZH co-founder Kellen McMartin, a senior communications consultant for Deloitte. “AYZH has since matured into a high-potential venture. Our dedicated U.S. and Indian board of advisors and employees have experience in supply chain management, sales and finance, and help position us to understand the needs of poor women, develop affordable products to meet those needs, and implement an effective business approach to make a significant and sustained impact.” To learn more about AYZH, visit or e-mail

The College of Business started the MSBA program in fall 2007 to teach students entrepreneurial, sustainable approaches to address great global poverty, health and environmental challenges. The program ultimately could help some of the world's four billion people who live on less than $3 a day with creating their own sustainable solutions and businesses.

Students in the MSBA program form enterprise teams and learn to create and sustain international business development opportunities with a triple bottom-line impact: improving the lives of people and the condition of the planet while building enterprises that are sustained by solid financials and profitability.