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The Year in Review

August 23, 2012

Watching CSU's 2012 Year in Review video is a 5-minute reminder of many of the great things happening at Colorado State University. Of course, it took hours to compile those 5-minutes, but for CSU videographer Joe Vasos, it's satisfying work.

“The year in review project is fun, working on it allows me to step back and let a smattering of the amazing things at CSU wash over me,” said Vasos, who has worked at the university for 35 years. “I get to revisit all the fun moments and extraordinary people who collectively make this place great, what we present hopefully represents the spirit of the whole because there are a whole lot of people and events deserving of the spot light.”

'Too many success stories at CSU'

CSU’s video and photo teams aim to keep the Year in Review short. That’s tough, but it’s a good challenge to have.

“There are too many success stories at CSU, too many examples of excellence, to fit them all into one quick video,” said Vice President of External Relations, Tom Milligan. “But we hope this year-end wrap-up gives a flavor of all the innovations, leadership and collaboration we see every day here in our CSU community.”

This is the fourth year CSU’s Division of External Relations has compiled the Year in Review video. This year’s edition is organized around some of the pillars of the university’s success, highlighting CSU’s engagement, ambition, innovation and impact.

“I get a real sense of pride in all the things we do day in and day out to change individuals, our state and the world,” said Vasos after putting the finishing touches on the 2011-12 Year in Review. “By looking back, you get a real sense of all we do to initiate change. It also feels good to watch the Ram community come together at our traditional events, to form the Ram family. The piece is designed to refresh our collective memory and even though it's just a brief highlight reel, make us all feel proud to be a CSU Ram.”