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Ask Cam

CSU (hearts) Ask Cam

February 9, 2009


Cam, it's kind of hard to find this page to send in questions. You have to dig down a little on Today, and there's no quick link from previous points. I wanna get a conversation going here. Is there any way to make it easier to access you?

Cam’s answer:

You’ve curled my horns with pride! When I decided to return to answering questions via Cam-o-gram, I had no idea it would become this popular this fast. The future is bright for “Ask Cam” and the redesigned Today@Colorado State homepage, but as of now, the only way you can read up on my answers to campus imponderables is through the Today page.

You can access the submission page here. Just bookmark the page.

By the way, starting at the CSU homepage, it took me one click and a scroll down to reach the “Ask Cam” section – and I’m working with hooves here!