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New ways to save on textbooks

August 20, 2009

The CSU Bookstore has discovered three more ways to save students money on their textbooks.

3-ring bound versions

Negotiations with publishers and discussions with faculty have resulted in the development of textbooks with the same content, pagination, etc. as more traditional and expensive books but at a significantly reduced price. The books are essentially 3-ring bound versions of the textbook editions selected by faculty for their classes. Students purchase the loose-leaf textbook and insert it into their own 3-ring notebook.

The potential savings for students has a wide impact. There are currently 32 textbook titles in this revised format for classes in which more than 16,000 Colorado State University students are registered this semester. The savings to students for this semester alone could exceed $433,000.

Savings on most expensive titles

Because of customer loyalty, savings are also offered on 120 of some of the most expensive textbook titles. The savings on these titles will affect more than 6,000 students and could result in additional savings of $128,000 to students. For an up-to-date list of both the newly formatted titles as well as the reduced price titles, visit

Margaret Gearhart, CSU Bookstore Assistant Director says, “We recognize that textbooks are a big expense for students, so we’re doing everything we can to help save students money. With these savings programs, CSU students are the million dollar winners”.

Electronic versions

The third way students can save this year is by purchasing electronic versions of textbooks. The savings for the e-book version compared to the traditional paper version varies but can be as much as a 50% savings. Bookstore Director John Parry says, “Some publications are now available in the e-book format and are typically valid for 6 months after they are purchased. However, unlike other reduced price textbooks we’re offering, e-books are not eligible for textbook buy back.”

The CSU Bookstore is owned and operated by Colorado State University and is located on campus in the Lory Student Center. Revenues are returned to the Lory Student Center for student programs and services. The CSU Bookstore is also found online at

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