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Environment / Sustainability

Seven is heaven for RecycleMania!

March 9, 2010

With a cumulative recycling rate of 53.66 percent, CSU has jumped to 7th place after the sixth week of the national RecycleMania competition - just four weeks to go! CSU is trailing behind the fifth and sixth place schools by less than 1 percent, which means breaking into the top five may be possible.

Work together to recycle more, waste less

Although California State University-San Marcos’ first place recycling rate of 77.70 percent may be a bit out of reach, an increase of 1 percent could put CSU in 5th place. But if CSU plans to advance, the entire campus must work together to increase recycling rates.

Communication seems to be a successful strategy for the Academic Village/Newsom Hall team — they are still leading the residence hall competition with 28.25 pounds of recycled material per resident. Newsom staff say they forward any information they receive related to RecycleMania. For example, they post RecycleMania posters and reminders to recycle. This has created a hall that is adamant about recycling, which shows in their high recycling numbers.

Groundskeeper goes extra mile

The Lory Apartments/I-House team, which is still leading the university apartments with 34.97 pounds of recyclables per resident, is lucky to have avid recycler, Tercera Jones, as the International House groundskeeper. I-House office manager, Nancy Venturato, says “she goes door to door in the building asking for recyclables. Then she takes them to the bins. This is not part of her job duties. Tercera Jones is awesome.”

With friendly reminders to recycle (and personal recycling pick-up) from Tercera, it’s no wonder the Lory Apartments/I-House team is in the lead. If students, faculty, and staff take this kind of initiative throughout campus, CSU is sure to advance.

Show support, spread the word

Finding an extra minute to think about recycling may be difficult, but supporting RecycleMania could give CSU a chance to show the world how green its campus really is. A simple reminder to a friend or colleague to recycle could give CSU the boost it needs to increase its recycling rate and advance into the top five.

Hanging RecycleMania posters near recycle bins and making announcements during meetings or classes are excellent ways to show support and spread the word.

Keep up the great work and give your fellow Rams the encouragement they need to recycle more and waste less!

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