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Risky Business: What can the Office of Risk Management and Insurance do for you?

December 18, 2013

RMI is here to assist and support you in navigating risk associated with University business.

The Office of Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) at CSU is a multi-disciplined group of professionals who assist the CSU community in recognizing, preventing, and managing risk. RMI recognizes that no worthwhile endeavor is without risk. RMI seeks collaborative risk management partnerships with its stakeholders.

Who are our stakeholders?

Every member of campus is a stakeholder and partner in risk management. Why? New risks are always occurring and each of us will encounter some amount of risk on a daily basis. Many risk management partners in the CSU community are subject matter experts. RMI is here to assist and support you in navigating risk associated with University business.

What does the Office of Risk Management and Insurance do?

RMI is a team of experts in the fields of insurance, risk management, loss prevention and control, ergonomics, liability, workers’ compensation, and return to work. RMI builds collaborative relationships with its risk management partners through serving on committees, providing advice and other support. RMI works closely with Environmental Health Services, Office of Policy and Compliance, Office of General Counsel, Facilities Management, Office of International programs, to name a few. RMI is proud to be part of the newly formed Office of Policy, Risk and Environmental Programs (PREP.)

Click on the links below for more information on the RMI website. In addition to what is described below, RMI manages the self-insured liability and property insurance program, places insurance on CSU’s vehicles, provides certificates of insurance, and reviews contracts.

Workers’ Compensation

Colorado State University is self- insured for workers compensation in Colorado. Employees who are employed out of state are covered by an out of state workers compensation insurance program. RMI serves to support injured workers, their supervisors, managers and the departments concerned in navigating the regulations that govern workers compensation claims. We work with injured employees and employing departments to ensure proper medical care and/or assistance is provided, so employees can return to work. Caring for an injured worker is very important to us. Learn more.

Return to Work Program

Key to the success of CSU’s workers compensation program is the Return to Work/ Temporary Modified Duty Program that is designed to assist CSU departments in successfully managing and progressing their employees back to full duty, following an on-the-job injury.

Departments are encouraged to work with Human Resources, Office of Equal Opportunity, and CSU’s Workers’ Compensation Team to ensure that the job is safe for the employee to return to and that any modifications made are temporary and appropriate. Learn more.

International Risk Management

RMI purchases international insurance for CSU faculty and staff that travel internationally on CSU business. Registration on RMI’s website is required so that travelers are covered under CSU’s insurance program. Registration is beneficial to travelers as this assists the University in its response and support in the case of an international emergency, because travelers can be quickly accounted for. 

The Director and Chief Risk Officer of RMI is the co-chair for the University’s International Response Team which reports to the Public Safety Team. The International Response team works closely with the Office of International Programs. Learn more.


Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker and has proven important in preventing musculoskeletal injuries that contribute to increasing workplace related disability claims. The Ergonomics program at CSU includes the education about risk factors and causes of injuries, and encourages good habits in posture, body mechanics and exercise at work, at home and at leisure. Onsite ergonomic evaluations are provided.

RMI offers an Ergonomic Matching Funds program to assist with the cost of ergonomic equipment. Funding is limited to up to $500 per approved applicant. Matching Funds are also limited each fiscal year, so early inquiry and application are advised. Ergonomic Training is also available on main campus or via webinar, at regularly scheduled times and by request. Approval of these applications occurs through the Physical Safety Subcommittee (PSS.) Contact Ergonomics or visit the website for more information. Learn more.


RMI administers the AED program on campus. There are over 125 units across campus, including units on Main campus, Foothills campus and South campus, as well as Pingree Park and other special CSU locations.

RMI offers regularly scheduled Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid Courses. American Red Cross certified instructors offer the lay responder course to all faculty, staff, students and public interested in attending. Upon completing the course, each attendee is certified in adult, child and infant CPR/AED/first aid for two years.

The AED program is supported by volunteers who assist in monthly monitoring of these AEDs. Currently we have over 60 volunteers. Learn more.

RMI is proud to support CSU in its teaching, research and land grant mission. Additionally, RMI was proud to sponsor CSU’s First Annual Risk Management Week held Dec. 9-13, 2013. At CSU, we are fortunate to have knowledgeable and supportive subject matter experts available to assist us in managing our risk.

Each member of the RMI staff is glad to take time to answer questions, build relationships and enhance collaborative efforts campus wide. Please contact us.

Contact: Erin Rezac
Phone: (970) 491-5110