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Ask Cam

Admiring our landscape

August 12, 2010


Hi Cam. I recently took a much-needed break and went for a long-overdue stroll on campus on a very lovely day. On the southeast corner of the Physics building, I saw a large bush with vibrant green foliage covered in huge, red, tropical-looking flowers. The plant was amazing and told me in no uncertain terms that I need to get out more often and enjoy our campus.

Can you tell me what those flowers are and how much longer they will be in bloom? (Wouldn't be a CAM-ellia, would it?) Have a great day, and please don't eat the flowers!

A Happy Wanderer

Cam’s answer:

Too late! The flowers were delicious!

But seriously, the flowers you were admiring don’t have CAM anywhere in the name.

The big, beautiful red flowers on the southeast corner of the ‘E’ wing of the Engineering Building belong to a hardy perennial form of hibiscus (Hibiscus moscheutos), as Scott Simonds tells me. He’d know  - he’s arborist and horticulture supervisor for Facilities Management.

The hibiscus have been blooming since mid-summer, he says, and will be done at the first signs of frost.

And if you want to see a pink hibiscus, check out the west side of the Shepardson Building. Other hibiscus are growing on campus as well, so definitely mosey around more to see if you can find them.

Here's to the flowering bounty of campus!

Cam the Ram