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(M)other, written and performed by Beth Osnes

September 30, 2009

Mothers Acting Up co-founder and writer/performer Beth Osnes brings the (M)other Tour workshop and performance (admission is free) to CSU on Friday, Oct. 9. This tour (which travels internationally) has the aim of creating a global community of mothers 'acting up' on behalf of the world's children.

Workshop - Empowering Mother Voices
Friday, Oct. 9 at noon
Studio Theatre
University Center for the Arts

Performance of (M)other
Friday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m.
University Theatre
University Center for the Arts 

Colorado State University School of the Arts presents a performance of (M)other performed by Beth Osnes preceded by a (M)other tour workshop on Friday, Oct. 9 at noon in the Studio Theatre at the University Center for the Arts, 1400 Remington St.

The performance takes place on Friday Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. in the University Theatre at the University Center for the Arts, 1400 Remington St.

Workshop and performance free

The workshop is free but registration is required. For reservations call (970) 491-5562. The performance later that evening is free to anyone interested and does not require a ticket. 

Mothers: How to voice and champion your concern for children

The workshop, Empowering Mother Voices, asks mothers to identify their most passionate concern for children and helps them gain skills, confidence and practice declaring this concern. The workshop leads each mother to her own brand of leadership in creating a world in which children’s needs are prioritized and their rights protected.

Performance depicts fictional program called "Baby Swapping" 

The performance explores what it might take for the mothers of one country to authentically care about the mothers and children of another country. The show’s opening describes a fictional program, called “Baby Swapping,” created by the United Nations to generate concern for the world’s children.

In this small, limited pilot program, seven mothers from seven nations from around the world are required by their governments to swap their six-month-old babies with another mother from another nation for one month. What follows is an intimate look at one of these mother’s experiences and her eventual realization of her interconnectedness with these other mothers, their children, and their nations.  

Documentary being created

The (M)other Tour is travelling throughout Colorado, to cities across North America and parts of Asia and Latin America from May 2008-2010. Footage will be gathered at every location to create a documentary that explores the diversity and variety of voices, actions, and solutions of this global community of mothers acting up on behalf of the world’s children.

Beth Osnes, Mothers Acting Up Co-founder and writer/performer of (M)other states, “This show is the best way I could think to condense this last five years with Mothers Acting Up into a good night out. It maps out one path towards personal transformation from concern to action on behalf of the world’s children.

"It holds within it the wild hope that others, upon recognizing themselves along this journey, will feel inspired and fortified from this offering to chart their own audacious path towards a better future for all children.” 

Reviews of (M)others

“Rich, clever and empowering.” 
    - Daily Camera

“An intimate look at the maternal experience across international boundaries.”
   - Nashville Scene

“The terrain of this drama is rich with intrigue, realizations and abundant hope.”
   - Women’s Magazine

“(M)other explores parenthood as a global concern.”
   - The Tennessean 

Mothers Acting Up - inspiring collective action

Mothers Acting Up (MAU) inspires and mobilizes mothers to advocate on behalf of the world’s children. MAU offers a new breed of activism, one that is positive, accessible and supports mothers in making informed personal choices, inspiring collective action and influencing decision-makers.

Founded by four mothers in 2002, MAU has spread to all 50 states and 24 countries. MAU believes that when mothers lead, generations of global citizens will follow.

Beth Osnes is a theatre faculty member at CU-Boulder and a specialist in Asian performance.

Contact: Jennifer Clary
Phone: 970-491-3603