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(Traffic) Law and Order: CSU

June 22, 2010


Cam's inquiry to CSUPD confirms that traffic enforcement is very much still in effect on campus during the summer.

I've noticed that CSUPD no longer does traffic enforcement on campus. Is there a reason why they no longer enforce speed limits on campus?

Cam’s response:

Lawlessness on our campus streets? Has College Days been reinstated and nobody told the CAMster?

You got me pretty nervous to put one hoof into a crosswalk, so I asked the fine officers at CSUPD if crime takes a vacation in the summer months. Here's what I found out:

Laws enforced 365 days a year

Traffic laws, like all laws, are enforced 365 days a year by CSUPD both on campus and on the periphery of campus.

Unless my horns got in the way of my ears once again, it sounds like traffic enforcement is very much still in effect here on our sun-kissed campus during the summer. Certainly, the best way to ensure you do not have to meet any CSUPD officers is to follow all traffic laws in the first place.

Drive safe, don't tweet, and be attentive!

Cam the Ram