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Sonny Lubick in '3 questions'

April 27, 2009

Last month, CSU's College of Business announced that former CSU football coach, Sonny Lubick, will be the new Director of Community Leadership Outreach. See what Lubick says when he answers "3 questions" with Today @ Colorado State.

What does your new position consist of? Do you get to interact with students?

"The main reason I came back here is to have an opportunity to interact with the students. I have the opportunity to speak in classes and speak to alums.
I hope to enhance and reach out to the community about the College of Business and let people know about the excellent and amazing work that’s being done here [at CSU].

Hopefully, we’ll become more visible because lots of good things are happening and we’d like to spread the good news."

Will you be able to incorporate some of your old football strategies into your new position?

"I believe that one’s coaching strategy is about teaching and getting the best out of people. It’s about motivating people to give their all and being the best they can be.

I can see where my coaching experience can be valuable in all walks of life. When I was coaching football, I was teaching team work and hard work.

With this new position, I think I will gain a lot from the community, since you learn so much from interacting with others. As I reflect back on my career as a coach, I think I’ve learn more from my students than they’ve learned from me. I learned about respect, sacrifice, and hard work. Students seem to have given me a renewed, rejuvenated life."

Where can you be found when you have some time away from your commitments?

"My life is kind of quiet now. I like to spend time with my two children. I visit as much as possible and try to be available to my grandchildren.

I enjoy playing golf at the Harmony Club. I play once and week and, if I can, twice a week if the weather is good.

As for Sonny Lubick's Steakhouse, I like spending time there but I don’t make any of the dishes. I really enjoy visiting with the people and encouraging the staff since they’re all working so hard."

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