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Ask Cam

Rammie, it's cold out there!

February 1, 2011

Question: "According to the weather forecast, it is going to be extremely cold on 1st February, 2011 (negative Fahrenheit) throughout the day. What are the chances that CSU might be closed? Even if it does not snow heavily, it would be bitter cold."

Cam’s response: Well, with the benefit of hindsight, I can firmly say “not going to happen.” This brings us to the next logical question: What does it take to close campus because of inclement weather? As it turns out, it takes a lot.

I asked CSU’s Public Safety Team about this, and here is what your inquisitive mascot found out: Safety is a top factor, and keep an eye on city and county government operations. If roads are hazardous and the city and county want people to stay out of their cars, CSU will probably be closing. If it’s safe enough for the city and county to remain open, CSU will probably be open. If it's cold, even very cold, and the streets are dry, then CSU will probably be open.

The Public Safety Team talks very early in the morning, takes input from CSU police and Facilities Management and other groups, looks at weather forecasts and makes the call from there about going forward under normal operations or initiating an emergency closure. Money is not part of the question, as CSU's funding is not tied to a set number of days classes are held.

There are a lot of factors to consider, and believe your trusty mascot that keeping campus open is not always a popular decision – just ask the good folks in the Administration Building who field all the complaints.

Bottom line here is the CSU community is full of big girls and big boys who should know how to dress for the cold; and when you live in a gorgeous setting at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, you will encounter cold days every winter.

Stay warm, and stay tough - it’s the Ram way.