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Last week to turn in Census forms and save the country $57

April 13, 2010

2010 U.S. Census forms need to be filled out and returned in the envelope provided by April 19. A Census worker will come to residences that have not returned the forms beginning May 1. Students will not be counted on parents' census form -- you need to complete the form mailed to your place of residence during the school year.

Big impact on campus, community

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau counts every person living in the United States. Although this is a nationwide effort, mandated by the U.S. Constitution, an accurate Fort Collins count has a big impact on our local campus and community.

The Census determines how more than $400 billion per year in federal funds get divided among states, counties, and cities across the country. The federal government uses population data to allocate funds in a number of areas including grants to educational agencies, federal student financial aid, Head Start programs, public transportation, road rehabilitation and construction, and services for people in poverty. For more information about the Census and CSU, visit

Off-campus students lagging

As of April 8, Fort Collins had a 70 percent Census response rate, and Larimer County had a 68 percent response rate. Nationally, the average response rate is 64 percent. Although Fort Collins is faring slightly better than the nation, key neighborhoods in town with large student populations are lagging the rest of the community in returning their forms, some with less than a 60 percent response rate so far.

The 2010 Census questionnaire is one of the shortest questionnaires in history and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Residents are strongly encouraged to complete the 10-question form and return it this week.

Don't become part of the problem

After April 19, the Census Bureau will start sending out workers to knock on doors of households that have not mailed back their form. The cost of that visit comes to about $57 per household –so if you have any concern about government waste, don’t become part of the problem.

By law, the Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s census questionnaire responses with anyone, including other governmental agencies, courts, and law enforcement entities.

Contact: Cara Neth
Phone: (970) 491-6211