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Ask Cam

Paper chase goes online

September 3, 2009


Cam, I went to unpack my books from my boxes into my new apartment the other day, and noticed my General Catalog is all torn up and smooshed. I went to the Bookstore to buy a new one (updated one), but they told me they don't sell them anymore. Is this true? No more printed General Catalogs? Any ideas, Cam?

Cam’s answer:

Good to know your catalog is torn and smooshed – that means you’ve been using it a lot to map out your academic career!

You’re right, the General Catalog is not being printed this year, but it’s available online.

I talked with Tom Hoehn at the Curriculum and Catalog Administration Office in the Administration Building on campus, and he told me that specific pages from the catalog can be printed from the .pdf online version – but you might want to think twice before printing the entire book. It’s some 400 pages long – at least.

Tom also told me that the print future of the catalog is somewhat uncertain, but limited print runs and/or a print-on-demand service are being explored to accommodate people who like hard copies. The plans are still in the development stage, so we’ll keep you posted on any news.

In the meantime, hope you have a great and smooshless semester!

Cam the Ram