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Ph.D. candidates face tough job market

March 7, 2009

Full-time faculty jobs have not been easy to come by in recent decades, but this year the new crop of Ph.D. candidates is finding the prospects worse than ever.

Public universities are bracing for severe cuts as state legislatures grapple with growing deficits. At the same time, even the wealthiest private colleges have seen their endowments shrink and donations fall since the financial crisis. 

Partial or full-fledge hiring freezes have been imposed at many institutions of higher education.

A survey by the American Historical Association, for example, found that the number of history departments recruiting new professors this year is down 15 percent, while the American Mathematical Association’s largest list of job postings has dropped more than 25 percent from last year.

Many in the humanities fear that their fields are going to suffer most. Humanities professors are already among the lowest-paid faculty members.


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