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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero Dwight Burke

May 21, 2009

Detective Sergeant Dwight Burke
Investigations Sergeant
Colorado State University Police Department

Detective Sergeant Dwight Burke was nominated by Danielle Oakley and Brenda Duffy who had this to say:

"Detective Dwight Burke is a CSU employee that deserves recognition for his calm presence in crisis situations and his ability to think on his feet. He is a crucial member of the VPSA's Consult Team and provides deft legal perspective as well as compassion for how to meet the needs of the students, faculty/staff, campus, and community.

"During a recent critical incident on campus, Dwight was able to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation, respond to the needs and fears of staff, and provide timely updates for all involved. When thanked for what we called heroism, he just stated that he was doing his job. We would like him to be recognized for the exceptional manner in which he does his job and how he makes CSU a safer place."

Burke has been on campus 24 years

Detective Sergeant Dwight Burke has been in his present position for the past 1-1/2 years but has been with CSU since 1984. Dwight arrived as a student in 1984, worked for Housing and Dining Services from 1985 through 1989. In addition, he overlapped working at CSUPD as a Student Police Officer 1987 through 1989. Once he graduated, Dwight became a full-time officer with CSUPD and has remained on campus ever since -- 24 years all together.

Dwight is on many committees and boards which presently include: Back on Track Staffing Team; Employee Consultation Team; Student Consultation Team; Public Safety Team; and The Campus Community Commission. In addition, Dwight belongs to the Fraternal Order of Police and is a member of the AIMS Community College Adjunct Faculty.

With all his work, you would think Dwight does not have any time for hobbies or special interests. But he enjoys the outdoors, fishing, the mountains, farming, and construction along with putting the finishing touches on the log cabin he built for his family.

Being nominated an Everyday Hero, Dwight said “I am humbled and am glad I was able to have a positive impact on co-workers and the campus”. He would like everyone he meets “to know I’m trustworthy”. Future plans, they are on his mind but may or may not come to fruition, “I take it a day at a time.”

Contact: Sara Boots-Whitfield
Phone: (970) 491-7693