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CSU among 'The 9 Best Computer Science Schools in the World'

April 26, 2013

Winning the Windward Code War in January puts CSU in the company of schools where students have 'a love of programming for the pure joy of programming.'

Colorado State University Computer Science students Jason Lewallen, Mike Oba, Austin Walkup, Brandon Schaffer and Chris Campbell took first place as Team Meh in the Windward Code Wars competition.David Thielen, founder of Windward Studios in Boulder, recently included Colorado State University’s Computer Science Department on his list of the nine best computer science schools in the world, based in part on the results of the second annual Windward Code War, held in Boulder in January.

Twenty-three CSU undergraduates competed in seven teams; one took first place in the overall competition, and another took fifth.

But according to Theilen, writing on Huffington Post’s College blog, it’s not all about the code.

Depth of community

“The Windward Code War is a very good measure of the depth of community within a school,” he wrote. “And not just community, but also the love of programming for the pure joy of programming to be found in these schools. If you're looking to attend a school where the students love programming, and where the students have a strong sense of community, these nine schools should absolutely be on your list.”

Thielen included five schools usually found among listings of top computer science schools, but added CSU and the Colorado School of Mines as “hidden gems” with students who have a love of programming for the pure joy of it.

“Having fellow students working with you, focused on making everyone successful, helps tremendously,” he concluded. “And it's worlds better than the brutal (and unnecessary) environment of some schools where everyone is focused primarily on themselves.”