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ASCSU announce cabinet nominations

May 15, 2009

2009-2010 ASCSU Cabinet nominations have been announced. The Senate confirmation hearing was held Wednesday, May 6 at 6:30 p.m. Openings are still available.

President and VP announce cabinet

The Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) President-Elect Dan Gearhart and Vice-President Elect Tim Hole formally announce their nominated cabinet in advance of the confirmation hearings. After the final session of the 2008-09 Senate starting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6, the 2009-2010 Senate gaveled into their first meeting in order to conduct normal beginning-of-year business and confirmation proceedings. All cabinet positions must be confirmed and sworn-in before the nominees are allowed to serve.

“I am looking forward to the ratification of the 2009-2010 Cabinet,” said President-Elect Gearhart. “Each nominee within every department was considered on the basis of qualifications, experience, and schedule. Tim and I look forward to the success will strive to achieve in the 2009-10 school year. Several positions remain open including the Director of Marketing, Assistant Recruitment Officer, Assistant Director of RamRide Operations and the Clerk. It is not too late for students to get involved with their student government -- many assistant positions remain vacant and interviews can be set up anytime by contacting or visiting the ASCSU office.”

The Office of the President

Chief of Staff – Tim Sellers
Press Chief/Special Assistant to the President – Matt Strauch
Clerk - TBD
Executive Assistant to the Vice President – Nate Fiedler

Recruitment Officer – Stephanie Schingeck
Assistant Recruitment Officer – TBD

Cabinet Departments

Director of Finance – Jake Donvan
Controller – Shaunte McLachlan

Director of Marketing - TBD
Associate Director of Marketing-Handbook – Sarah Cole
Associate Director of Marketing-Web Coordinator – Joe Lessard
Associate Director of Marketing-Graphic Design – Brennan Gilbert
Assistant Directors of Marketing – Andrew Riley, Kaely Clark, Ari Clasquin, and Lindesey Dezmen

Director of Academics – Conrad Miller
Assistant Director of Academics – Amy Slapper

Director of Community Affairs – Courtney Sullivan
Associate Director of Community Affairs – Alliy Barrel
Assistant Director of Community Affairs – Andrew Ives

Director of Diversity and Outreach – Adday Naoum
Assistant Directors of Diversity and Outreach (1) – Chris Brown and Sarah Abbey
Assistant Director of Diversity and Outreacher (2) – Tommy Crews

Director of Leadership Development – Jerek Justice
Assistant Directors of Leaver Development (1) – Lisa Wormley and Ashlee Cowam
Assistant Directors of Leadership Development (2) – Maegan McHenry and Dylan Gallacher

Director of Legislative Affairs – Matt Worthington
Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs – ASC Liaison – Paul Schofield
Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs - Emily Hosoya

Director of RamRide Operations – Seth Wittworth
Associate Directors of RamRide Operations – Esther Daniells, Kim Peterson, and Brett Rosenberg
Assistant Director of RamRide Operations – TBD

Director of Student Services – April Ragland
Assistant Director of Student Services – Kasey Tea
Assistant Directors of Service Services – Stephanie Welzel, Sarah Shelpler, and Adam Woehl

Director of Environmental Affairs – Sam Silberstein
Assistant Directors of Environmental Affairs – John Wilcoxen, Carlos Fernadez, and Laura Schentag

Positions in cabinet are still available

It's not too late to apply and be apart of your student government. Check out the application.

Contact: Matt Strauch
E-mail: ASCSU_Public_Relations@Mail.ColoState.Edu
Phone: (970) 310-7813