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Health / Safety

CSU site of Homeland Security Workshops


The Lory Student Center was the site of two Homeland Security workshops that were offered last month by the Center for Agriculture and Food Security and Preparedness, University of Tennessee.

Hosted by Environmental Health Services and Lory Dining Services, the first workshop, "Sharing Information and Intelligence Related to Food Importation and Transportation," focused on the  importance of protecting our food supply chain and transportation system from possible terrorist attacks.

The second workshop, "Food Vulnerability Training," focused on deterring and preventing terrorist acts that target the food sectors by teaching communities and industry to assess vulnerabilities and implement mitigation strategies to harden vulnerable targets. At this workshop, attendees were taught the CARVER plus Shock method to evaluate the attractiveness of a target for attack.

Participants included state and local health departments, the USDA, the FDA, food service and procurement management from CU - Boulder, UNC, and CSU, as well as representatives from CSU's Deptartments of Animal Sciences, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clinical Studies, and veterinary experts from Extension.

For more information regarding these workshops contact Jeannine Riess, EHS (491-6121) or Joyce Durol, Lory Dining Services (491-5912).

Contact: Joyce Durol
E-mail: Joyce.Durol@Colostate.Edu
Phone: 970-491-5912