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Ask Cam

Who's in 42?

July 10, 2013

Hi Cam,

What CSU alum is in the movie 42? I get extra credit for class if I can find this out!

Cam’s answer

Well, young student, I’m glad to see that you’re working to get extra credit in your classes! Since I’m helping you out, though, I think I deserve some credit, too….

The alum you are looking for is Jesse Luken. He's a Colorado Springs native who played Brooklyn Dodgers second baseman Eddie Stanky in the movie. He put his baseball skills to work and made CSU proud! While he did do a great job, I’m still questioning why I wasn’t cast for the role? I do enjoy a good baseball game. But I guess I do have more than enough to keep me busy around here.

If you want to see his other work, you can find him in The Mentalist, Justified, Glee, and NCIS. We sure are proud of him and all the other hardworking Rams out there!

Study hard!

Cam the Ram