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Students get life lessons in economics

March 4, 2009

Federal financial aid applications filed nationwide for this fiscal year increased by 9 percent compared with last year, a projected 1.2 million more applicants, according to recent Department of Education data.

Financial strategist Paul Rivers says parents losing their jobs has played a key role in more students seeking aid; 30 percent of his clients were declared eligible for more aid from their college because of an "unusual circumstance" last year

The University of Arizona will implement a policy this month that allows students to remain enrolled even if they have unpaid tuition at the beginning of the semester by enrolling them in a deferred payment plan, which costs $75. Before, students who had not paid were given 24 hours to pay or their classes were dropped, says Beth Acree, interim registrar.

"I have noticed all around that prices have gone up. Rent, food and basic utilities … it is a lot harder to survive," says Natalie Romero, 24, a student at Metropolitan State College in Denver.


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