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Wendy Woo Band at the Lagoon July 23

July 17, 2014

One of the gems of 'the Fort Collins experience' is the Lagoon Summer Concert Series, hosted by the Mantooth Company and Colorado State University. Coming up next -- Wendy Woo and the Wendy Woo Band on Wednesday, July 23 at 6:30 p.m.

Wendy Woo in concert. Image by Jim Eckenrode.Wednesday, July 23
6:30-8:30 p.m.
West Lawn, Lory Student Center

"My voice poured through"

Wendy Woo describes the moment in which she knew her talents as a singer and musician were something she needed to share with the world.

“When I was 18, I was playing guitar in an old farmhouse in California. I sat down and sang and played in this empty living room. My voice poured through that old house and resonated within the aged wood of the walls and it felt so good and so right.”

Doing whatever it took

Even with her phenomenal talent, Woo's success has also depended on her strength of mind as well as the savvy and stamina needed to promote, produce, and perform her own music.

“I do all of the booking, promoting, and contracting,” Woo said. “I do my own recordings, produce my own albums. I load the car, mix the sound, and I sweep up when I’m finished. I have always done things on my own."

From plenty to austerity and back

“Our 2007 release, Luxury, was made in a big studio and had high dollar graphics and photos,” Woo said. "Life was plentiful at the time."

“Our 2011 CD, Austerity, was a CD for tough times. We decided on the name because it was the # 1 googled word for the year, and we were all kind of struggling at the time. We made the entire album in our homes. The photo on the cover is of our son Cooper holding a red balloon. It was taken with a cheap cell phone.

"I thought the album was a nice balance, actually, with the luxury album we had done just a few years before."

Defining success on own terms

Today, reviews of the Wendy Woo Band reflect their growing popularity and success.

Jeanie Straub with Colorado Music Buzz magazine, writes, "Wendy Woo is not only the very definition of Colorado music, but she's also showing the major labels how independent musicians are replacing them and remaking the industry.

"Two decades into her career, she's still outselling and outplaying the bulk of musicians, averaging 200 gigs a year and thousands of CD sales."

Being authentic as a performer

Wendy Woo is praised for the many colors and dexterity in her voice Image by Jim Eckenrode.. Her stage presence is described as “beyond captivating.”  

“You must be comfortable with yourself to get up there in the first place,” Woo said.

“I just try to be true, honest, and sincere with my audience. I want to always come off as really enjoying what I do and making it look easy, fun, and natural.

“After 20 years of singing professionally I developed vocal cysts. I had them removed a year ago. Before the surgery I had a dark, deep voice, so I would only sing and write blues songs.

"After my surgery, I have a little better range but you can still hear the age and the miles in my voice. But I use it as more of a signature sound. I can’t really sing Taylor Swift songs, but I can hang with Janis Joplin.”

Shrek for the kids

As they do for every venue they perform in, the Wendy Woo Band will adapt their set list for the audience at the Lagoon Concert Series.

“We'll probably do All Star by Smash Mouth (the theme song from Shrek) for the Lagoon concert on July 23,” Woo said. “That usually gets the kids and their parents excited.” 


CSU’s sponsors for the evening are School is Cool and Confucius institute. Stop by their booth for information about their programs and SWAG. Don’t forget to register to win other great CSU prizes. Pizza Casbah will be onsite serving pizza, gyros, and snowcones.

The Lagoon Concert Series is owned by Mantooth Company and co-hosted by CSU. 

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