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Transfer to Gmail results in glitch at several universities

September 19, 2009

Students at several universities were able to read each other's e-mail messages because of a software bug in Google Apps, though the company says the problem has been corrected.

As institutions were transferring students’ accounts from their current servers to Gmail, a glitch in that process made e-mail messages available to the wrong users in some cases.

Brown University said that 22 students were affected as it was transferring about 200 accounts from Microsoft Exchange to Gmail Sept. 11.

At Brown, an information-technology manager said that some students, when logging in to their e-mail accounts, were able to see another student’s entire in box, while still receiving their own mail. Other students were able to see fewer than 100 messages belonging to another student.

Google officials acknowledged the mix-ups, though they sought to downplay the incidents and provided few details.


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