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Working at CSU

Exceptional commitment to excellence

June 12, 2014

It seems impossible that five customer service employees can field all calls and questions for the entire CSU residence hall system and many from conference services -- but that's what these women do, with efficiency and positive attitudes. They were recently honored for their exceptional commitment to excellence with a breakfast from the CSU Employee Appreciation Board.

Left to right: Janelle Dowling, Linda Zawadzki, Amber Sanchez, and Deb Parker. Not shown: Janet Jeffers.

The Housing and Dining Services Center, Operations Management customer service employees are the backbone of the Housing and Dining unit. 

The front line of service

This small unit provides customer service for all of Housing and Dining Services:

  • fielding numerous calls a day from students having a problems with their residence hall rooms
  • handling calls for the many conferences held on campus

Making things go smoothly

They staff the front desk of the Housing Services Center, directing traffic to appointments or locations and answering questions with genuine smiles on their faces and positive attitudes. This is one of the few areas on campus that never slows down, with each day bringing something new.

"While having breakfast with this fun group of ladies," said CSUEAB volunteer Roberta Brouwer, "it was easy to see why they were nominated for recognition as an outstanding unit. They are a close knit group who work as a team."

Always on-task

One team member, Janelle Dowling, said, “we have each other’s backs." 

"They continued to take several calls during the breakfast and each of them left at least once to tend to a problem call – they are truly a dedicated team!" said Brouwer. "Housing and Dining Services is fortunate to have such a hard-working, fun, and customer-oriented group working with them."

Nominate a unit!

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Want to be a part of this rewarding work?

Now is also a great time to consider joining the board. The CSUEAB meets monthly during the academic year to discuss and plan employee recognition events, as well as to help promote University events.

One of the main objectives of the board is the monthly recognition of a group, entity, or college. If you have ideas about ways to recognize campus units or groups of faculty and staff, we welcome you to share them with us on our website, or visit with us at a monthly meeting.

Contact: CSU Employee Appreciation Board