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Ask Cam

Oldest living alumni

November 16, 2009

A photo from 1936 of the high school poultry judging competition, from CSU photo archive.Question:

Hi Cam! I had a birthday recently and it got me to wondering who the oldest living alumna or alumnus of CSU is. When did he graduate, and what was his major? I can't wait for your answer!

Cam’s response:

This one took a bit of research from my friends at the CSU Alumni Association. (I’ve been on campus since 1946, but I’m sure there are alumni whose days at CSU date back before then.)

This may come to a surprise to our younger students, but records were not always kept on computer hard drives. Back then, we did it the old fashioned way: handwriting with a pen into a binder. Ancient, yes, but ask your archeology professors – they'll confirm the practice.

Alumni found a few dates going back to 1900 and 1901, but it's possible those dates were corrupted when the information was moved over to an electronic system. The one correct date we know for certain is a gentleman from the class of 1934 who lives on Colorado’s Western Slope. He turned 100 years old on June 28 this year.

It seems Ram fans get more passionate with age, because this man is the biggest CSU supporter anyone has ever seen! It curls my wool with pride to be sending him a birthday card!

Myself, I am sticking to a strict vegetarian diet in hopes that someday I can join the Centennial club …

Getting better with age,

Cam the Ram