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Working at CSU

The new face of Telecommunications

April 10, 2012

Telecommunications is planning some very significant changes, including a major upgrade of the university’s telephone switch. Check out our new website.

This is just the beginning of changes that you will be seeing over the next couple of years, but the most exciting part is that everyone on campus will be upgraded to the new telephone system during this time.

If you haven’t heard, the implementation of the new Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system has already begun. After several years of testing and piloting this system with departments including the Research Innovation Center, Engines Lab, Information Services, Online Plus, ACNS, and CSUF/CSURF, this new system is being deployed on campus with implementations in Routt, Spruce, Gibbons, University Services Center, Occupational Therapy, Morgan Library, and the South College Gym.

Enhanced communications for campus

VoIP is not only a telephone system that runs over the campus data network, it will also provide enhanced communications for the campus. Once fully implemented, it will allow us to maintain one campus network instead of separate infrastructure for voice and data. As that happens, you can begin to take advantage of the Unified Communications (UC) features that include instant messaging (IM), presence, video conferencing, data sharing, and call control, to name a few. For example, UC will allow accessing your voice messages via email, a cell phone or a land line. Or, you can check someone’s availability (presence) to see that, although they’re not taking calls right now, you may chat with them via the IM client. These are a few examples of the services that will become available.

You may be wondering if change is required, or if you may continue to use our current phones. Since our legacy phone system is no longer supported by the manufacturer, Telecom is working to replace every phone on campus over the next several years. Once this is complete, we will be decommissioning the old system.

Telecommunications is working hard to make this transition as easy as possible. With a cost model that maintains low basic service rates while enhancing the overall service, training to help you learn to use your new phone, and assistance with the conversion process, you’re conversion to VoIP should be quick and simple.

Please check the telecom website for updates on the VoIP conversion timetable (updated quarterly), and visit the VoIP phone demo area located near the helpdesk in Morgan Library.

For more information, please contact Dave Hoffman, VoIP Project Manager, at

Contact: Jane Barber
Phone: 1-5712