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101 things to do before you leave CSU

June 24, 2009

This list, found in the ASCSU handbook/planner gives students some ideas on how to make the most of their years at CSU.

  1. Pet Cam the RamPet Cam the Ram
  2. Ride the Colorado mountains (on skis or a snowboard)
  3. Hike to the top of Horsetooth Mountain
  4. Vote in an ASCSU election
  5. Tailgate before a football game
  6. Participate in CSUnity
  7. Speak on the stump on the Plaza
  8. Attend the President's Fall Address and Picnic
  9. Visit all the Advocacy Offices
  10. Meet the ASCSU president
  11. Order late night pizza
  12. Football gameRide on the Transfort Bus (it's free)
  13. Attend the lighting of the “A”
  14. Attend an ASAP event
  15. Help build a homecoming float
  16. Go to a football game
  17. Swim in Horsetooth Resevoir
  18. Do your homework in Monfort Quad
  19. Sleep in on a snowy day
  20. Go on a local brewery tour
  21. Take a moonlight stroll across the Oval
  22. Working out at the rec centerAsk someone on a date
  23. Get your professor to buy you lunch
  24. Volunteer for RamRide
  25. Make a request on KCSU (90.5 fm)
  26. Watch an ASAP cinema movie
  27. Attend a Take Back the Night Rally in April
  28. Read the Collegian
  29. Go out to eat in Old Town
  30. Attend an Advocacy Office event
  31. Raft/Tube/Kayak the Poudre River
  32. Play in an intramural game
  33. Watch a lightning or rain storm
  34. Walk across the Vietnam Memorial Bridge
  35. Work out at the student recreation center
  36. Meet the ASCSU Vice President
  37. CSU HoodiesCall your parents and tell them you love them
  38. Kiss someone at the Oval
  39. Hang out at the lagoon
  40. Visit the Lory Student Center
  41. Wear a ForEverGreen T-shirt
  42. Ace a test
  43. Take a moment to be thankful for getting an education
  44. Watch a sunrise at CSU
  45. Read a book outside of class
  46. Attend your college council meeting
  47. Visit the wellness zone and pick up some free stuff
  48. Visit/Stay in a residence hall
  49. Bike to schoolBuy CSU gear from the CSU Bookstore in the LSC
  50. Do a lap at the Jack Christiansen Memorial Track
  51. Go to a CSU club sports game
  52. Walk/Bike/Skateboard/Run along the Spring Creek Trail
  53. Ride your bike to school
  54. Watch a program on CTV
  55. Watch a sunset at CSU
  56. Use your ASCSU Handbook/Planner
  57. Have a BBQ with friends
  58. Say “Hey Coach” to Sonny Lubick (or Steve Fairchild)
  59. Attend a Border War game against Wyoming
  60. RodeoGo to a swimming and dive meet
  61. Have your photo taken with all the Ram statues on campus
  62. Hug a tree
  63. Go to an art show in the Curfman Gallery
  64. Attend a men or women's basketball game
  65. Go camping
  66. Attend a play on campus
  67. Go to the annual rodeo
  68. Attend the RamWelcome Carnival
  69. Attend an International Week Event
  70. Chair massage at the Wellness ZoneJoin a student organization
  71. Go to a drive-in movie
  72. Visit the SLiCE office
  73. Visit Pingree Park
  74. Sing the fight song
  75. Visit the Study Abroad office
  76. Take a nap in the library
  77. Attend an ASCSU Senate Meeting
  78. Leave your cell phone at home for a day
  79. Attend the 4th of July fireworks at City Park
  80. Go to a concert
  81. Attend a professional sporting event in Denver
  82. Go dancing at a club with friends
  83. Pull an all-nighter
  84. Eat at the food court in the Lory Student Center
  85. Get a parking ticket
  86. Leave the country for spring break
  87. Go to a career fair
  88. Party 'til dawn
  89. Say I love you to a friend
  90. Get a chair massage at the Wellness Zone
  91. Make a snowman or a snow angel
  92. Climb a 14er
  93. Swim in the Rec Center pool
  94. Ride a mechanical bull
  95. Spend an evening in downtown Denver
  96. Visit the administration building
  97. Talk to your ASCSU Senator
  98. Attend Family Weekend with your family
  99. Have a chili bowl in the Ramskellar
  100. Take a trip to Boulder. Realize how glad you are that you didn't go to CU.
  101. Graduate!