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I Love You, CSU

April 14, 2010

Students from all jobs, majors, and class rank share why they love CSU.

 "I Love CSU because..."

"...of the community. (Colorado State) has a lot of different people from different areas."
Austin Leffel, sophomore business major

"...(Fort Collins) is a great city to be in. The environmental feel here is great. I love being so close to the mountains because there are so many outdoor activities to do."
Joey Teixeiran, freshman psychology major

"...of how friendly everyone is. I like how you can go to the intramural fields and play sports with new people without knowing them and then getting to know them."
Megan Ward, freshman human development and family studies major

"...there's always events going on in the LSC, the plaza, the dining halls, etc."
Caroline Shandro, freshman political science major

"...CSU offers a lot of opportunities and has good programs for a lot of majors. In terms of living here it's a very nice, large campus and even if it's big you get to meet many people. There are a lot of recreational activities and great things to do on campus too."
Rea Cobre, freshman undeclared business interest

"...I've lived in Fort Collins my whole life. The community is great and I love how laid back it is. I couldn't go anywhere else."
Jamie Shields, sophomore human development and family studies major

"...of all the pretty ladies. Where I'm from, there are not this many pretty girls. The campus is pretty cool too."
Kevin Mahoney, sophomore social work major

"...everyone here is nice and accepting of everyone else like GLBT students. I also like that the school uses money to build cool stuff like the new gym."
Andi Didericksen, freshman art major

"...I've never been anywhere where people love the sun so much and I'm from California! There's lot's of cute boys and everyone is approachable. Also, everyone rides their bike or walks everywhere instead of driving."
Lindsey Fuller, junior human development and family studies major

"'s 100% complete college friendly. It's the perfect college town and place to be."
Nick Qwalski, sophomore undeclared

"...I love Colorado. The girls are also very pretty. A lot of my friends play tennis and I like to go and watch."
Junya Nakajima, sophomore economics major

"...the sense of community around here, and how friendly everyone is. I'm also totally into social justice and volunteering, and there are so many opportunities. And generally, people are very accepting of each other's views. It's easy to have a controversial conversation in class or in the plaza because people aren't going to freak out on you for disagreeing with them."
Caitlin Kelly, freshman human development and family studies major